My Essential Resources: TMclass

TMclass is a formidable resource for looking up terminology related to goods and services.

A database serving those who wish to apply for a trademark and in the process need to provide a classification for the item(s) they seek to protect.

The database is multilingual, fed with input from local trademark offices – it contains data in 34 languages. It is a very large database (close to 65,000 terms) and, at least on the Czech side, seems very consistent and trustworthy.

Any time I need to find out what “straw mulch” or “loft cap” or “cuticle clippers” is called in Czech, I head to TMclass and select the “Translation Tools > Translate Term” tab. Searches are quick and intuitive and if there are too many results and one wants to invest the time to learn the Nice classification of goods and services, they can be further focused on certain areas such as clothing and fabrics or agricultural goods.

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