Fields of Expertise

Medical Translation


  • Medical Devices

    Instruction manuals (IFUs) for all types of devices: implantable cardiac devices, apheresis machines, laboratory equipment, bandages and dressing materials, orthopedic braces, defibrillators, etc.

    User manuals and marketing materials aimed at patients

    Materials for clinical trials of medical devices

  • Medical Reports

    I translate medical reports from Czech and Slovak into English. I confidently handle these challenging documents where the source often contains handwritten/difficult-to-read passages, typos and non-standard abbreviations.

    I have extensive research and experience in this area, having translated hundreds of reports. I typically complete 5 to 10 medical reports each month.

    I do not hesitate to indicate instances when I cannot be entirely sure of a translation even after giving my best effort.

Pharmaceutical Translation


  • Pharmaceutical Documentation

    Summaries of product characteristics, patient information leaflets, drug labeling

    Strict adherence to terminology/formatting required in the EU and the Czech Republic

  • Clinical Trials

    All types of clinical trial documents, such as study protocols, informed consent forms, case report forms, and clinical study reports

    Legal documents related to clinical studies

    Letters and other types of communication with regulatory authorities in the Czech Republic